Praise for A Forgotten Negro League Star Negro League Star


Kevin Mabry (Springfield, Ohio)

”I truly enjoyed reading CHERYL HOLLOWAY's A Forgotten Negro League Star. My favorite spectator sports are Karate, Boxing, and Basketball. Some of the last sports books I read were about Ali and Bruce Lee. But this book was by far the best book I've read about a sports star like Al Burrows since those two. I applaude Ms. Holloway on making it easy to read and interesting for myself (who's not really a big baseball fan). But I found it exciting to read about Al and the others who made American History playing a game they truly loved although the LOVE, FAME, AND FINANCES weren't always returned to Negroes like whites. It made me wish he'd gotten his major league chance. I look forward to reading more from CHERYL HOLLOWAY.”

Outstanding Account of a "Forgotten" Negro Leaguer's Story

Valerie J. Wood "Author, Breakfasts with Buster" (Maryland)

”This book is an insightful, thoughtful and occasionally touching account of the career of Al Burrows, one of the many long-overlooked stars of the old Negro Leagues. An extremely well-written book, A FORGOTTEN NEGRO LEAGUE STAR describes the struggles and triumphs of a man who played baseball for the love of the game. Historically, it certainly gives a perspective on a way of life which is almost incomprehensible to those of us who can only imagine what life must have been like in America—and in sports, particularly—in the pre-Jackie Robinson days of baseball.”

Holloway is a Sensitive and Inspiring Author

Sheryl Bell (Myrtle Beach, SC)

”Knowing Cheryl Holloway's work from following her career, I find this book on the life and contributions of Al Burrows to be timely, informative and a very important read for all. Cheryl has done her research and laid the foundation for an informative look into the life of Al Burrows. Congratulations and highest accolades to the author, Cheryl Holloway!”

Ms. Holloway Tells the Story of the "Forgotten Negro League Players" in a Compelling Manner

Cornelius Wilson, Voice of America (Washington, DC)

“Author, Cheryl Holloway offers readers a closer look at the Negro League baseball players in the book, A Forgotten Negro League Star: A Personal Look At Al Burrows. I knew that the Negro League was formed in 1920 by Rube Foster, a visionary black athlete, manager and businessman, but did not know other little known facts about the Negro League. In the heyday of many black baseball players, they were both popular and profitable, drawing white and black fans alike to see such greats as Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson and ‘Cool Papa’ Bell. In reading this book, I felt the compassion Cheryl Holloway takes to tell Al Burrows’ story. Through research, in-depth interviews with the Negro League players and fans, I learned that Mr. Burrows story was the same lost opportunity as for many of the Negro League players. And their story was often unheard in African American history. Ms. Holloway tells that story in a compelling manner to the readers and sports fans. A Forgotten Negro League Star: A Personal Look At Al Burrows is great for the whole family with its offering of baseball trivia, black baseball facts, myths and rumors, as well as providing many black and white photographs, most unseen. I found the book quite informative, which included a list of Negro League Teams by state, a list of surviving Negro League players and many black baseball facts that are not so well known.”

Readers are saying…
“If you only read one sports book this year, read A Forgotten Negro League Star by Cheryl Holloway.”

Several readers have told the author…
A Forgotten Negro League Star is a baseball book of honest opinions and a straight-forward interviews along with amazing facts and valuable information that anyone can read.”

An insightful and educational story of struggle

Vann-Di M. Galloway (Washington, DC)


“I loved reading Cheryl Holloway’s A Forgotten Negro League Star. Cheryl’s ability to combine history and journalism make this an insightful and educational story of struggle. As an avid football fan, I was initially skeptical of a book about baseball, but Cheryl gives us such a complete story of Al Burrows’ achievements that I read the book with great interest in one sitting. It is such a shame that so many gifted athletes were never given an opportunity to play the game that they loved in the major leagues. I look forward to reading her next work.”

A page of history…

Maxine Thompson, Literary Agent (Los Angeles, California)

A Forgotten Negro League Star: A Personal Look at Al Burrows by Cheryl Holloway pays homage to our unsung heroes from the early Negro Baseball League. A book such as this takes a page of history that was not written down and leaves its footprints for others to follow. Moreover, this book pays honor and tribute to the people whose shoulders we're standing on, but who would have otherwise been forgotten. Great job, Cheryl!”

An education on the history of the Negro Leagues

Charles Lober (Birmingham, Alabama)

“As a baseball fan, I have fond memories of watching the Yankee teams from old. To be honest, I had no idea that a league existed on par with the major leagues. But Cheryl Holloway’s book changed all that. This book gave me a thorough education on the history of the Negro League. But leagues and teams are made up of individuals, and in rare cases, heroes. This book gave me insight into one such hero: Al Burrows. Besides describing his obvious athletic abilities, Cheryl depicts a man who followed his dream with a quiet courage and unwavering determination.”


Praise for Lana's Dream

Lana's Dream“Lana's Dream is a teen/young adult story that will reach girls in their quiet thoughts and moments. A story that lets youth know that they are not alone in their thoughts - no matter how different and that private dreams can come true.”
Tony Lindsay, Best Selling author, David Price Series, 'One Dead Doctor'


“This story is a riveting account of how ‘the more things change the more they stay the same’. I was captured by the interaction of the three generations living in the daily pollution of a city housing project, racism, attempted segregation, unemployment and underemployment during 1960’s. It is an interesting relative read showing how the hope of a teenager to transcend the negative dynamics surrounding her, coupled with the power of intention and looking to the power of education propels her to overcome her present life and that of her family.”
Dr. Eulaletta Johnson Pickett, Speaker, Educator and Radio Host of “You Have a Right” Talk Show


Lana’s Dream earns its keep as a historical novel for young adults. It’s a well-thought out recipe of challenging vocabulary, unmistakable landmarks, mixed in with the historically-rich social and economic times of the Civil Rights Movement. Its factual ingredients are deliciously folded into the heart, characters and story of a young girl, struggling to survive her doomed surroundings, and family legacy of a dead-end fate. The story takes place in the frosty inner-city of Gary, set in a section of its infamous housing projects fraught with poverty, gang violence, teenage pregnancy, poor school districts and more. But the human spirit bursting through Lana’s vision is apt to not go down without a fight. She’s trying to figure out the formula for success. Young readers can easily slide themselves in Lana’s skin as she deals with her inner frustrations and anger (is it justified or not, she asks), her lack or power, identity and faith questions, and her concerns about who to trust with her most vulnerability thoughts. Lana’s Dream is a classic coming-of-age story, laced with teachable moments (not preachy moments). It’s historical-fiction style with a twist. And it reveals the American history not often discussed in the classroom.”
Yvonne J. Medley,Teacher, English as a Second Language and teacher, Adult Basic Education and founder, Life Journeys Writers Club


“Cheryl inspires perseverance in Lana's Dream—the reader is rewarded with an ending that not only fulfills a dream, but starts a life.”
—Emily Ferren, Charles County Public Library Headquarters Director for La Plata Branch; P.D. Brown Memorial Branch; Waldorf West Branch; and Potomac Branch

“My sister of Gary, Indiana…Hoorah! I think that I am carefully reading because it is enjoyable. You have done an outstanding job of outlining the struggles and the celebrations of success for Lana. We can all see ourselves in her life's time line. Since I was born and raised in Gary, this story radiates the true essence of my experiences during my childhood days. Thank you for the opportunity to read this phenomenal work of fiction and truth rolled into one.”
Turnitta Rayburn, Educational Administrator, Educational Consultant, South Holland, Illinois School District



What Readers Are Saying About Cougar Tales!

Cougar Tales - Father And SonCougar Tales, The Italian Basketball Player

FIVE STARS! “The Cougar Tales are on my must re-read list”

FIVE STARS! “Cheryl Holloway has created a quick and easy read…full of love and fun.”

FIVE STARS! “Cheryl’s short stories almost make you feel like going out and finding a younger man! LOL”

FIVE STARS! “I can get my read on for the day with just one short story.”

FIVE STARS! “I like Cheryl’s short stories because you can read them out of order and still enjoy them!”

FIVE STARS! “Addicting!”



What Readers Are Saying About Bath Salts!

The Bane Bath Salts, Cheryl HollowayFIVE STARS! “Cheryl’s short stories keep the reader informed about what’s going on in today’s world!”

FIVE STARS! “I can’t get enough of Cheryl’s short stories.”

FIVE STARS! “I like Cheryl’s short stories because they provide quick entertainment.”

FIVE STARS! “Addicting in a good way! *.*”

The critics are raving about this short story and so will you!




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